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Sigelei store is the official e-commerce site of Sigelei group,where consumers could buy the authentic products of Sigelei brands including Sigelei, Snowwolf, Fuchai, Kaos and Compark etc with good quality, great price and excellent customer service.

GD SIGELEI Electronic Tech Co., Ltd is a sustainable and comprehensive enterprise, combining the R&D, production, sales and service of electronic cigarettes in one, which has a completed management system and healthy distribution channel. The company has an integrated and globalized service net for E-cigarette products and keeps on innovating. It is the President of Electronic Cigarette Business Committee of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce. and Executive director of the unit of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce. Guangdong Sigelei successfully listed on New OTC (Over the Counter) Market on 1st, August ,2017. The stock code :871818.

China is the biggest e-cigarette production base all around the world. After years of precipitation , the brand SIGELEI under Guangdong Sigelei have been developed to be the world-class brand, the representative example in e-cigarette industry. Besides, the internationally well-known e-cigarette brand Fuchai, Compak, Vcigo from Guangdong Sigelei are also known widely and loved by a large number of consumers, and always occupy the leading position among the same industries. Sigelei has won both domestic and overseas customers’ trust based on good reputation and excellent quality through building international sales channel. By now customer nets have extended all over USA, Russia and UK etc.

In terms of R&D, Sigelei not only has international advanced laboratory equipments and testing equipments, but also has a powerful, experienced and professional R&D team. With self-developed patent technology and developing ability, the new-developed products win widely favorable comments from market. By now, Guangdong Sigelei has achieved more than 90 patents , being one of the electronic cigarette enterprises with most core patents.

In terms of production,we has been continuing to launch innovative products by the integration of professional skills and advanced technology in electronic cigarette industry. Each product is a combination of superb craftsmanship and perfect material. Currently we mainly have anti-dry-burning temperature control electronic cigarettes , high wattage electronic cigarettes , mechanical electronic cigarettes, atomizers and other accessories. With excellent quality, careful service and punctual delivery, we win the majority of customers’ trust.

In terms of product marketing, as one of the leading company in electronic cigarettes, we always grasp the trend of the times, and meet the needs of the market. While promoting our own brands, we support the development of diversified platforms at the same time like expanding retail stores at offline and Sigelei Store, JD, Tmall mall online stores etc and specially set up technical consulting hotline to provide free electronic cigarette solution for consumers.

Throughout the development history, Sigelei keeps on strengthening internal management while paying attention outside service and with great concentration , has passed ISO9001:2015 international quality and management system certificate as well as CE, ROHS, and FCC etc. product quality certificates.

In future, Sigelei will continue to focus on creating fashionable, high quality products that can make the best profits for customers, facing global market with high responsibility, building brand image with professional quality, opening up the international big stage with the top-ranking brand. Looking forward to the development of electronic cigarette industry, Guangdong Sigelei will continue to bring forth innovative products, make efforts for ranking the top in industry and keep the top position in the same business line.

Development History


Sigelei Electronic Tech Co., Ltd. was founded.


Passed utility model electronic cigarettes atomizer patent certificate by State Intellectual Property.


Zmax was lanuched into the market and sold crazy .The popularity of it lasts till the beginning of 2013 all over the world, leading the industry to high powerdevelopment.Since then Sigelei becomes famous both at home&abroad.


Dongguan Shenxi Hardware Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.  was Founded.


Leading in the development of 20W/30W/50W, high power ecig lanuched into the market.


Passed the ISO9001:2008 international quality management systemcertification successfully.


Passed Product Design Patent by State Intellectual Property Office(SIPO).


100W/150W series was launched into the market, global sales reaching a new height. And Sigelei has occuppied the most advanced technology of electronic cigarette industry.


Sigelei president, Mr. Junbiao Ou was selected as the chairman of Shenzhen. Electronic Cigarette Association, which marks the electronic cigarette industry stepping into a new future


Mr.Junbiao Ou and three vice President of units who successfully held the first contest of Shenzhen international electronic cigarette exhibition and vape competition.


Mr Junbiao Ou acquires Shenxi Technology,incorporating SIGELEI brand into it,make the company to collectivization road.


Established the ecig  afters-sales service center in Los Angeles, USA.


Sigelei brand products sigelei 213 ,it’s carbon fiber material, has the function of TCR, TFR come into the market.


The company scaled up and relocated in Hengli town Dongguan City,the total area of the park has 30000 square meters and the total area of the factory building has 5700 square meters.


Dongguan Shenxi Hardware Electronic Technology Co., Ltd Officially renamed Dongguan Shenxi Electronic Technology  Co., Ltd.

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