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Snowwolf Mini Plus 80W Kit 

Fuchai 213 Plus Kit  
Kaos 214 Spectrum Kit
Sigelei Meteor Tank
Snowwolf 218 Mod   
Fuchai 213 Plus Mod 
Kaos 214 Spectrum Mod
Sigelei SLYDR
Snowwolf 200W C
Fuchai Duo-3 Mod (2 battery-slot version)
Kaos Z Mod
Sigelei Swallowtail 75A
Snowwolf 200W Plus Mod  
Fuchai Duo-3 Mod (3 battery-slot version) 
Sigelei 213W Leather&Zinc Alloy Kit
Sigelei Moonshot RDTA Tank
Vcigo K2-T  
Fuchai T3 Tank  
Sigelei Altus T1 Tank
Sigelei Vexus Tank
Vcigo K2  
Fuchai Glo Kit 
Sigelei Evaya 66W
Sigelei UFO 55W TC Mod
Fuchai 213 Mini Mod 
Fuchai Glo Mod
Sigelei J150 Kit
Sigelei T200 Touch Screen Mod
Fuchai 213 Mod
Fuchai Glo-T3 Kit 
Sigelei J150 Plus
Sigelei T150 Touch Screen Box Mod

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